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Geoffrey Moore Silicon Valley Talk: EVs, Inside the Tornado & Crossing the Chasm

Attendees of the 3rd Annual Charged Symposium filled the Keynote session to see Silicon Valley Guru Geoffrey Moore talk about Electric Vehicles. Session is time well spent listening to a Silicon Valley veteran share his wisdom on where the EV industry currently is and what it will take to achieve mainstream adoption.

National Plug In Day 2013 – Getting out there!

Experts across the board agree that the best way to understand and appreciate all that Electric Vehicles have to offer is to simply get out there and take one for a test drive.  Equally important is getting a chance to speak with real people about their real experience owning an EV.  That’s exactly what you found at nearly 100 National Plug In Day events across North America and Europe.

Enjoy these pictures taken by Corine van Deventer-Geljon at the Cupertino Event: 41st EV Rally + National Plug In Day hosted by Electric Auto Association Silicon Valley.  This event honored to collaborate with the Dutch Consulate, Peter van Deventer and Coast to Coast EV Connection.

V2G Silicon Valley Talk – Tom Gage, CEO EV-Grid, Inc.

Join us at the Electric Auto Association Silicon Valley Meeting – June 15th 10:00AM-12:00PM @ HP Palo Alto Campus

Mini-E Fleet earning grid revenue.

Mini-E Fleet earning grid revenue.

Electric Auto Association Silicon Valley welcomes industry veteran Tom Gage, CEO EV-Grid, Inc. for a talk on energy storage and the future of grid connected Electric Vehicles.

Years of R & D and work with partners including BMW, University of Delaware, PJM, NRG, AutoPort and Milbank has lead to the recent announcement coverage (NY Times Article) of the first live demonstration of electric vehicles earning grid revenue.

Prior to founding EV-Grid, Tom was CEO of AC Propulsion that developed innovative EV powertrain technologies that have been used in the T-Zero, eBox, and Mini-E vehicles.  

Following the presentation, Tom will have one of the specially outfitted bi-directional power Mini-E test vehicles for display and parking lot Q & A.  

Event Details:  
Saturday June 15, 2013 Time: 10:00 am – 12:00 pm
Location: Hewlett Packard Palo Alto Campus
3000 Hanover St, Bldg 20 Auditorium
Palo Alto, CA 94304

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Modern Day Motor City – Charged 2013 Coverage (Video)

Silicon Valley Leadership Group’s third Annual “Charged” event hosted at SAP Labs was a huge success. CBS Affiliate KPIX was on hand and captured some of the parking lot activities that ran in parallel with the indoor sessions.

Over 20 Electric Vehicles were on display for viewing and test drives. Another fantastic progress revealing statistic: About 50 of the attendees arrived at the event driving their Plug-In Hybrid and Battery Electric Vehicles.

Congrats and credit to Green OnRamp’s Marina Cerin-Stith for organizing the highly praised Ride & Drive portion of the event right here in the heart of “Modern Day Motor City”. Note: Embedded video requires Adobe Flash, visit KPIX to view on iOS.



Utilities & EVs: Driving Adoption of the Ultimate Appliance

Silicon Valley: Driving Connected & Charged - 2013

Each year stakeholders from across the entire Electric Vehicle ecosystem come to Silicon Valley for an all things EV Symposium organized by the Silicon Valley Leadership Group.

The 2013 edition will be held on June 6th / 7th is called Silicon Valley: Driving Charged & Connected and will be hosted at SAP Labs in Palo Alto.

Join us for a packed two day agenda featuring industry leaders, policy makers, investors and start ups all working to accelerate the adoption of Electric Vehicles and new ways of thinking about modern connected transportation.  Day one dives right into emerging technologies in the EV space along with connected mobility.  Attendees, members of the Press and employees of SAP and neighbor EPRI will have access to a large collection of advanced power train vehicles for test drives including Tesla, Ford, Nissan, Honda, Mercedes, BMW, VIA Motors and others.

Green OnRamp’s Paul Stith will be moderating a panel entitled – “Utilities & EVs: Driving Adoption of the Ultimate Appliance”.  The panel of industry experts will talk about the important role Utilities are playing in expanding EV adoption in different regions of the world.

We’ll explore the technologies, market opportunities, regulatory and policy frameworks that are shaping early successes and challenges for this emerging space.  Panelist include:

Peter Dempster, Advanced Technology Engineer, BMW
Margaret Larson, Transportation Energy Specialist, Hawaii State Energy Office
Ralph Troute, EV Program Manager, Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD)
Laurent Naves, EV Business and Market Analyst, EDF, Inc.

Be sure to stick around for Day Two which takes the discussions deeper into the initiatives and policies that are part of the Governor’s Zero Emission Action Plan.

$8.5 Million in EV Community Readiness the “Results Show” (6 Hours & 465 Slides)

In case you missed it – Electric Vehicles are here to stay this time! Only makes sense that our communities here in the States and around the world need to get ready for this growing revolution. The Department of Energy understands this and invested $8.5 million to learn and share best practices.

Since not everyone was able to make it to Tennessee for the Clean Cities “Results Show” hosted on the first of May… very pleased the recorded sessions are now online. Browse through the agenda for what you are interested in and settle in for 6 hours and 465 slides packed with details and results of 16 projects from across the country.

Viewing notes: Yes, you can skip ahead and there’s a link on the top right of the player to just show the slides. Sorry it won’t play on non-Flash or Silverlight equipped devices.  You’ll need to retreat to a computer. Enjoy and share your thoughts on the discussion I started in our LinkedIn Group: Electric Vehicle Business & Career Network.

P.S. Turns out there are only 465 slides rather than 485.  Sorry for any inconvenience…  checking to see if you are awake!

P.S. Turns out there are only 465 slides rather than 485.  Sorry for any inconvenience…  checking to see if you are awake!

EV Community Readiness

Earth Day 2013: Make the EV Connection

Earth Day 2013: The Face of Climate Change

Who would have thought that the EV movement could have made such progress against all odds?  Much of the success is based on the tireless volunteer work of grassroots organizations that spend weekends and any opportunity they get to share the many benefits of switching to Electric drive.

Along with National Plug In Day – Earth Day celebrations are a fantastic opportunity to get out there and introduce your friends, families and communities to the many benefits of driving Electric!

Take your voice to the next level by reaching out to your elected officials and community leaders to join the conversation with you and other like minded EV drivers.  Here in the States Green OnRamp supports Plug In AmericaElectric Auto Association along with the local efforts of SF Bay Area LEAFs and our local EAA Silicon Valley Chapter.  Let us know if you have any trouble finding a local group.

While celebrating, please be sure to take a few pictures or videos of the fun and serious business of changing the world one perception at time.  Share these with your social and business networks as well as the Earth Day Network.  Each exposure to EVs makes it that much more normal to all that you encounter.

Follow this link to the new Plug In America Events page where you you can find EV events that make every day Earth Day!

Borrowing from others – “Let the dinosaurs rest in peace” and Happy Earth Day 2013!

BMW – EV Business & Career Network Event Slides

Huge thank you to Peter Dempster and the team at BMW‘s Technology Office in Mountain View for hosting our April 4th event.  Feedback has been fanastic and we’re looking forward to the next meetup.

BMW Presentation April 4th, 2013 - Green OnRamp

A Future Vision for Sustainable Electric Mobility – Presented by Peter Dempster – EV Business Social, Silicon Valley Edition

Attendees were treated to an excellent presentation on BMW’s EV and Sustainability programs.  As  promised, we are distributing a copy of the slides.

Be sure to join Green OnRamp’s  Electric Vehicle Business & Career Network group on LinkedIn to learn about future events.  This group is a small little project to connect Electric Vehicle Passion, Innovation and Career Opportunities.

Contact us if you would like to host an event at your office to share your work in the EV and Smart Energy market. 

Pathways To 100% Renewable Energy

Green OnRamp is pleased to support this cutting edge event bringing together energy visionaries from around the world.

April 16th, 2013 | Fort Mason Conference Center, San Francisco

100% renewable energy is rapidly becoming the new normal energy mix. Are you ready to be part of the biggest energy evolution of our time?

Come and see how international cities like San Francisco and Munich, as well as businesses and communities around the world are setting, achieving, and benefiting from 100% renewable energy targets.  Hear from top global experts about cutting edge technical, policy, and financial solutions, on the ground experiences, and the added value of transitioning to 100% renewable energy.

It is a fact that traditional fossil fuels, by definition, will run out and that they are causing multiple time-sensitive global crises. Therefore, the time is now for all of us and for our communities to understand how to technically, financially, and politically switch to renewable resources.

This is not a pipe dream. Millions of people on the local, regional, and national levels are stepping into a new 100% renewable reality. And reaping economic, environmental, and personal benefits.

Join us and know how to get it done.


Beyond Fossil Fuels – The Promise and Reality of Electric Vehicles

Acterra: Bring people together to create local solutions for a healthy planet.

Rafael Reyes, Executive Director, Bay Area Climate Collaborative will host a panel this evening of EV experts presented by Acterra. One in a series of sessions entitled “Beyond Fossil Fuels” –  ”The Promise and Reality of Electric Vehicles”.  

Paul Stith will be a panelist and will share a few of the projects he is actively working on including regulatory, national standards and legislative initiatives to insure a smooth and steady adoption of Electric Vehicles. Central to these efforts is providing consumers a clear path to obtain low cost domestic fuel that’s easily obtained, price predictable and comes from increasingly sustainable sources.