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EV Jobs: Who’s ready to build a giga factory?

If you joined our Electric Vehicle Business & Career Network and have your group notifications set to “On” you are accustomed to a daily dose of fresh EV Jobs each day in your inbox.  If not, you missed the email below including this gem “Lead Construction Project Manager – Gigafactory”

EV Jobs 2014Expecting there will be countless “ground breaking” opportunities available with Tesla to write the next several chapters of the transformation transportation and energy markets as we know them today.  Sharpen up your resume and stay in the know!

Geoffrey Moore Silicon Valley Talk: EVs, Inside the Tornado & Crossing the Chasm

Attendees of the 3rd Annual Charged Symposium filled the Keynote session to see Silicon Valley Guru Geoffrey Moore talk about Electric Vehicles. Session is time well spent listening to a Silicon Valley veteran share his wisdom on where the EV industry currently is and what it will take to achieve mainstream adoption.

BMW – EV Business & Career Network Event Slides

Huge thank you to Peter Dempster and the team at BMW‘s Technology Office in Mountain View for hosting our April 4th event.  Feedback has been fanastic and we’re looking forward to the next meetup.

BMW Presentation April 4th, 2013 - Green OnRamp

A Future Vision for Sustainable Electric Mobility – Presented by Peter Dempster – EV Business Social, Silicon Valley Edition

Attendees were treated to an excellent presentation on BMW’s EV and Sustainability programs.  As  promised, we are distributing a copy of the slides.

Be sure to join Green OnRamp’s  Electric Vehicle Business & Career Network group on LinkedIn to learn about future events.  This group is a small little project to connect Electric Vehicle Passion, Innovation and Career Opportunities.

Contact us if you would like to host an event at your office to share your work in the EV and Smart Energy market. 

EV Business Social Meetup – April Silicon Valley

Green OnRamp to host Spring EV Business Social, Silicon Valley Edition @ BMW Technology Office during April.  This special event for EV Business & Career Network members will feature a talk by BMW Engineering.

BMW - The Ultimate Driving Machine

Presentation will feature a talk on BMW’s technology strategy for the connected electric vehicle, intelligent charging, renewable energy, battery second-life, and sustainable mobility services.  Attendees will enjoy an evening of networking and tour of the facilities.

Not located in the Bay Area?  Host your own EV Business Meetups and post them in the Electric Vehicle Business & Career Network group on LinkedIn.

Let us know if you would like to host a future EV Business Social at your location.


Electric Vehicle Business & Career Network – 300 Members from A to Z

SILICON VALLEY, CA – November 21, 2012 – PROJECT Green OnRamp

Today PROJECT Green OnRamp is pleased to announce that the 300th member joined the Electric Vehicle Business & Career Network (EVBCN) LinkedIn group.  Starting as a “little” effort to connect people that are passionate about Electric Vehicles with opportunities in this growing market the group now spans the globe.

Group members are professionals working each day to make a difference at electric vehicle OEMs, charging equipment manufacturers, network service providers, utilities, startups, NGOs, universities, federal, regional & local agencies.

Just a few of the many organizations represented include:  ABB, BMW, Charged Magazine, Clipper Creek, CODA Automotive, Chrysler/Fiat, Coulomb Technologies (ChargePoint), General Electric, General Motors, ECOtality, Electric Auto Association, EnVironmental Transportation SolutionsFisker Automotive, Fuji Electric, Magna, Nissan, NRG eVgo, Pacific Gas & Electric, Plug In America, Renault, Rocky Mountain InstituteSchneider Electric, Sierra Club, Smith Electric Vehicles, Southern California Edison, SiemensSPX, Tesla Motors, VIA Motors, Volkswagon and Zero Motorcycles.

Membership is open to all contributors looking forward to a day when Electric Vehicles are the norm.  Join the conversation – Electric Vehicle Business & Career Network.  Job seekers are invited to visit the companion Electric Vehicle Job Board to view and bookmark the most recent 100 EV jobs posted.