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PROJECT Green OnRamp works with Automotive OEMs, Charging Equipment Providers, EVSPs, Government, Regional Alliances, Regulatory, Utilities, Solar Companies and Electric Vehicle Communities.  Combining our extensive background in business, automotive and technology, Green OnRamp consults on early adopter through mass-market adoption on strategy, partnerships, alliances, policy, outreach, advocacy and infrastructure to move electric mobility forward.

Since 1994 our principals have provided technology advisory and security services to corporate, government and university clients across multiple industries and continents.  Our client’s are deploying secure virtualized and cloud based solutions that increase business agility and save energy.  PROJECT Green OnRamp transfers savings towards Zero Emission transportation.

It’s a great day to drive Electric!

Marina Cerin-Stith leads the Electric Vehicle “charge” at PROJECT Green OnRamp with her no-nonsense approach to EV adoption strategies.  Marina brings a dynamic career spaning two continents, high-tech, marketing, premium retail and deep involvement in non-profits, education and fund raising.  Her multi-culture perspective and keen sense of perceived value are invaluable to forwarding the early Electric Vehicle market.

Marina regularly participates in community and industry events as an organizer and early adopter sharing her experience.

View Marina’s professional background and resume: Business Development, Marketing & EV Advocate

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Paul Stith
 serves as our Executive Director & Chief Electric Vehicle Officer.  His backgrounds spans over 25 years in technology and business.  Most recently his technology work is in security, virtualization, cloud and reducing power consumption and increasing availability at the same time.

He has served as Vice President of the Silicon Valley Electric Auto Association and is a member of the San Francisco Bay Area LEAF Enthusiasts.  He also actively participates in and supports Plug-In America, the Monterey Bay Electric Vehicle Alliance (MBEVA) and key issues before the California Public Utilities Commission and Energy Commission.

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View Paul’s professional background and resume:  Electric Vehicle Expert

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