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More EV choices on the way to California in 2013

Getting more Electric Vehicles on the road is a long process working against formidable odds.  In California we are especially thankful for strict regulations that require auto manufacturers to produce Zero Emission Vehicles (ZEVs) (or purchase ZEV credits from other manufactures that do).

Debates over whether cars are “Compliance Cars” or not aside, we need as many “Green Pills” as we can get.

Enjoy this footage from the LA Auto Show where two more entries are revealed (Footage courtesy of Stephano @ Paris Productions):

Chrysler / Fiat 500 EV

Chevrolet Spark EV

Electric Vehicle Business & Career Network – 300 Members from A to Z

SILICON VALLEY, CA – November 21, 2012 – PROJECT Green OnRamp

Today PROJECT Green OnRamp is pleased to announce that the 300th member joined the Electric Vehicle Business & Career Network (EVBCN) LinkedIn group.  Starting as a “little” effort to connect people that are passionate about Electric Vehicles with opportunities in this growing market the group now spans the globe.

Group members are professionals working each day to make a difference at electric vehicle OEMs, charging equipment manufacturers, network service providers, utilities, startups, NGOs, universities, federal, regional & local agencies.

Just a few of the many organizations represented include:  ABB, BMW, Charged Magazine, Clipper Creek, CODA Automotive, Chrysler/Fiat, Coulomb Technologies (ChargePoint), General Electric, General Motors, ECOtality, Electric Auto Association, EnVironmental Transportation SolutionsFisker Automotive, Fuji Electric, Magna, Nissan, NRG eVgo, Pacific Gas & Electric, Plug In America, Renault, Rocky Mountain InstituteSchneider Electric, Sierra Club, Smith Electric Vehicles, Southern California Edison, SiemensSPX, Tesla Motors, VIA Motors, Volkswagon and Zero Motorcycles.

Membership is open to all contributors looking forward to a day when Electric Vehicles are the norm.  Join the conversation – Electric Vehicle Business & Career Network.  Job seekers are invited to visit the companion Electric Vehicle Job Board to view and bookmark the most recent 100 EV jobs posted.

VERGE SF 2012 – Electrifying Fleets

San Francisco, CA – What do Google, Frito Lay (Pepsico) and the County of Sonoma have in common?  They are leading the way towards a future of cleaner more cost effective fleets.

Today Paul Stith moderated a panel discussion @ VERGE SF covering many lessons learned by these pioneering organizations working to electrify their fossil fuel burning fleets.  Joining the conversation was VIA Motors, maker of VTRUX extended range trucks, SUVs and vans.

In addition to refining the financing models, fuel savings, maintenance savings and counting Green House Gas reduction wins, the conversation turned human factors and deployment strategies to educate and on-boarding staff.

Visit GreenBiz speaker’s profile. Follow the Green Biz VERGE discussion.

Contact PROJECT Green OnRamp to learn more about Electric Vehicles and your green fleet goals.