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EV Mania – Cupertino NPID

Enjoy this video segment “EV Mania” produced by Eco Company covering Electric Auto Association’s 40th Annual EV Rally + National Plug In Day. iPad, iPhone visitors – apologies this is in Flash. Worth starting up another computer to see all of the fun. Oh – yes, those are articulating solar panels that follow the sun covering the parking lot. See you at next year’s event!

Submetering – Letter to CPUC President

One of the many initiatives PROJECT Green OnRamp is following very closely are the efforts to enable submetering for charging electric vehicles.  When fully functional, this technology will allow significantly less costly ways to track and isolate the fuel going into (or out of) electric vehicles.

After reviewing the recently filed “Strawman” document produced by the Utility companies were inspired to write a letter to President Peevy at the California Public Utilities Commission.  There are several issues yet to be resolved over that last 18 months including certification guidelines for 3rd party meters, parameters for “embedded” devices, identifying costs associated with implementing utility system back office systems and creating new modern rules for addressing the new billing paradigms.

Excerpt from the letter:

“We believe that submetering technologies are game changing in many ways. In addition to moving the EV market forward with competitive fueling choices and reduced deployment costs, submetering will enable the use of forward thinking policy tools such as Low Carbon Fuel Standards credits and may assist with creative solutions in the areas of demand fees, advanced renewables integration, storage and other applications that benefit from isolated measurement of electricity – in either direction.”

– Paul Stith, Chief Electric Vehicle Officer

Our letter:  PROJECT Green OnRamp Letter to President of CPUC