Monthly Archives: March 2012

Eating your own dog food?

In Silicon Valley it is common to say – “Eat your own dog food” – meaning that you test and prove your products by using them yourself. On that theme I posed this question members of the Electric Vehicle Career Network – Do you own and drive an Electric Vehicle?

Turns out that the answer is a resounding “Yes!” with nearly 90% of members who voted indicating they already are driving Electric experiencing the “EV Grin” on a daily basis.  This is great news because it means the group is attracting exceptional talent from around the world – and they are already driving the talk.

Electric Vehicle Career Network

It all started with one conversation, then another and dozens more to follow.  We meet up with others that are working tirelessly to promote electric vehicles and all passionately want this industry to succeed.  Whether our expertise is in technology, business, government one thing is clear – we are thinking about this Electric Car thing.  Constantly.

What better way to harness this energy than to be sure those that are committed and passion for the Electric Vehicle meet up with opportunities to work in the industry itself?

Whether you are new to EVs or have been working in the industry for years join us on LinkedIn.  The Electric Vehicle Career Network has just taken flight.